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There has been no time in my life when I have not beem involved with Poodles,since the 1950’s my

Mother owned and bred Toy Poodles under the Gaieval Affix.In the early 1970’s she bought a white

Toy bitch of Sudbrook breeding and so began our introduction to Dog Shows.Although I enjoyed

showing the Toys and had great success as a Junior Handler,I really wanted a Standard Poodle and I

was insistent it must be from Vicky Marshalls ‘Vicmar’.Aged 11 I finally got my wish,Vicky and her

Husband John took me under their wing and I never looked back,school holidays were spent at

Vicmar.Afew years later when I was leaving school Vicky asked me to take over the ‘Vicmar’ Affix.

Since taking over in 1979 I have owned bred or shown 23 UK Champions,including 3 ‘Gaieval’Toy

Poodles.Amongst them are the Group Winning Champions:In Demand,Royale Show,Devils

Disciple,Quiet Riot and Party Leader.

My biggest winning dog is also one of my most recent,Ch Vicmars Rave On ,has 26 CC’s and multiple

Group wins and places.He was the UK’s Top Winning Poodle 2010,in 2011 he won the Utility Group

at Crufts,to win at this level was a dream come true.Rave On was not heavily campaigned after this

win,he did become the first dog to win Best In Show three times at The Standard Poodle Club

Championship Show.Despite attending only 10 shows in 2012 he was once again the UK’s Top

Standard Poodle.He has now retired from competition.

I have judged in Scandinavia,Europe and Australia.I had the great honour to Judge Standard Poodles

at Crufts 2012 and I am looking forward to judging Miniature Poodles at Crufts 2014.In January 2013

I wa.s on the judging panel at The Poodle Of The Year Gala ,to which the Top winning UK Poodles are

invited to compete


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